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PW:TFSW Chapter 7: the strength of a leader. part1
At Harry's den.
"We go to war then?" Dexter asks. "No, I'm going alone" penny growls. "But what if something happens?" Dexter asks. "Then you will lead the pack" penny says. "What? Me? But I'm not a leader" dexter says. "I don't care dexter" penny snarls. she walks out of the den and walks towards razors territory.
At razors den.
Razor walks into a torture den and sees some young wolves getting harry ready for torture. "Razor! I'm going to kill you!" Harry shouts. Razor grins evilly and starts walking towards harry. "SIR! A LONE WOLF IS APPROACHING!" A wolf shouts. "Harry it looks like your daughter has come to see you die, let's go take you to her" razor growls. Razor knocks harry out and takes him to penny. Penny sees razor approaching and snarls, she gets into her fighting stance. "I'm glad you came princess, you are just in time to see this" razor says. razor throws harry down in front of penny, razor runs over to harry and bites down on his neck, more of razors wolves appear and s
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PW:TFSW Chapter 6: Rivalry.
At Harry's territory.
Penny sat beside her uncle and watched him closely. " dad ever coming back?" Penny asks. "Well I'm sure my brother loves you very much, he won't abandon you" dezzi says. "PENNY!" Shouts a voice. A warrior walks in and penny looks at him. "What is the problem soldier?" Penny asks. "I'm afraid its bad news...your father has been taken prisoner and is now forced to fight for their entertainment" the warrior says. "We need to help him then" penny says. 
At razors den.
Harry looked up to see the face of his mate. "Aura! You traitor! I hope you get destroyed!" Harry shouts. "Who is going to destroy me?" Aura snarls. "Our daughter will destroy you!" He shouts. "Men silence him and take him to the pit" aura growls. "Keep him alive so his daughter can see his death" razor growls.
At Harry's den. 
"Penny one of the prisoners want to speak with you" says dexter. "Bring the prisoner in" penny says. dexter pushes the prisoner on to the ground roughly. "you
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PW:TFSW chapter 5: A battle won, a friend gained.
At Harry's den.
"Dezzi, some of Razor's wolves, are entering the territory" says a young wolf. The assassin sent by razor appeared behind the young wolf, and throw him away. "Longtime no see laser, why are you here?" Asks dezzi. "First where is Harry?, second why are you here?, third where is the brat?" Growls laser. "Old friend, I will not give you the answers you seek" snarled dezzi. "Then I will kill you, old pal" laser snarls. He raced forward and bit into dezzi, dezzi had the strength of a thousand warriors, they fought for a longtime, until the final killing blow was dealt, there was a yelp and a thud as one of them fell, as the dust cleared a huge towering black wolf covered in blood, it was dezzi, he had a triumphant smile on his face. "Dexter!" Dezzi called. "Yes sir?" Dexter asks. "Take penny out through the secret escape" dezzi orders. "Yes sir" dexter says. Dexter rushes through the hidden escape with penny following behind. "Why do males always think females are weak and n
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A Strangers Past. PART 1.
The pure white wolf stood on a cliff over looking a valley, her eyes full of pain. Her home land had been blackened and covered in ash, she remembered seeing the wall of fire rush through the land scaring it, she saw few animals managed to escape they to, looked over the once beautiful and lush paradise that was once their home and a home to others, some of them never made it out in time. She could still hear the screaming of young ones, pups, fawns, cubs and kits. she heard the voices of her family cry out as the inferno surrounded them. fire destroyed the land, burnt trees, caused chaos, it was as if the gates of oblivion had opened. she walked through the destruction, the ground still held the heat of the inferno, hot embers were scattered over the area. she perked her ears hearing the sound of a pup crying for its mother, but no matter how hard the pup cried there was no answer. she found the pup only a few weeks old its eyes not yet opened, it cried for its family.
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Harry's den.
Dezzi heard a loud yelp echo from Harry's den. he rushed towards the den. he gently put down falcons body, and walked in to the den, to see harry pinning Dexter and penny yelling at him to stop. harry felt something hit him hard, he looked up to see dezzi glaring at him. "what is wrong with you?" dezzi snarls. "he is useless he should be looking for falcon", harry shouts. "I told him to get penny back here safe, and I would look for falcon", dezzi snarled. harry glared at his brother. "why are you here? you were banished by our father", harry asks. "oh by the way I found falcon and he is dead, the reason I am here? is because I heard you were turning into our father", he growled lowly. "ENOUGH!!!" harry shouted and bowled into Dezzi. "ha! you have to try a lot harder, and remember I have lived a life of fighting and as a result I am very skilled and my heart is cold, so if you push me I will kill you even if you are my brother", Dezzi growls while
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PW:TFSW Chapter 3: Beginings Of Darkness.
Spirit Realm, Battle field.
This day when the war began, many spirits lost the will to go on, their minds being bent and corrupted by Kaos and his followers. But the defiant few stood, and fought. There was scream of agony, it was laas and then another scream pierced the air, it was Rahu. “MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS RETREAT THROUGH THE PORTAL” ordered Valgus, Tosi and Halastus grabbed laas and Rahu and fled through the portal with the rest of the spirits. Vanna stood proudly beside Valgus, “Valgus go through the portal, I will end it now” shouted Vanna. “No don’t waste your life!” he growled. “I won’t waste it, because I believe in you and everything good, I know you won’t fail, and you will destroy Kaos, and reclaim this place in time” he responded. “What are you doing?” gasped Valgus in surprise, as Vanna gripped him and walked to the portal, his reply was simple. “Valgus the world needs you, you are its
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Bandit Wounded by PW-TROS
Mature content
Bandit Wounded :iconpw-tros:PW-TROS 2 9
PW:TFSW chapter 2: Protected by hearts.
At Valgus Castle.
The other spirits had left the room, all except Valgus and Rahu. "Valgus what does the dark spirit mean to you?, I mean it broke the laws, that have been in place since the beginning" ask Rahu. "Rahu you can not under stand" replied Valgus. "Valgus you can tell me, there is no one else here just us" stated Rahu. "Just drop it okay, Rahu this doesn't concern you at all so stay out of it" he said coldness in his voice. "It concerns me if the realms are in danger, so it does concern me!" she yelled. he turned to face her, his eyes full of rage, "I would never endanger the realms, you are supposed to bring peace, but you are arguing with me, I could banish you from this place for neglecting your job!" he growled. "this is my job!, now tell me why you kept her alive!" she demanded. "is she your daughter or something!" he added. His silence was unsettling to her, "Fine I will tell you, ...she is my sister" He mumbled. "How is she your sister?" Rahu was now cu
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PW:TFSW Chapter1: Before The First Great War.
Many years ago, our spirit ancestors stood against one another, a great war began. some say spirits cant be killed, this is not true my children, I Rahu, was there I saw what happened, many good spirits were killed or fell into the realm of the living, where they were cursed to spend eternity wondering your lands. Why was there a war you ask? well I will tell you.
At Kaos Lair, Home of the dark Spirits.
Kaos sat staring out over his lands. The home of the dark spirits. "Tumedus?" he growled. "what?" came a cold reply. "that is no way to talk to your master!" he yelled. "sorry master, I was... I thought..." she cried out in fear as Kaos drew closer and threw her against the wall. "never speak with such insolence in my presence!" he roared. "im sorry master I meant no disrespect, please have mercy?" she begged and pleaded. "mercy?, mercy is for Halastus to give!!! I am not Halastus!!!, But I cannot replace you if I were to kill you, so I wont kill you yet... but if yo
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Allaos by PW-TROS Allaos :iconpw-tros:PW-TROS 3 7
PW:TROS Chapter seven: the final battle.
The warriors were now at black ridge ready for war, each stood in their armour, even those who were not warriors but wanted to aid the warriors in battle, were given armour and weapons. Allaos stood before all of the warriors, "my soldiers, those wolves down there terrorise the innocent the young frail and weak, their leader eats other wolves even pups, we must put an end to the suffering of others, this ends today, we are risking our life's out there, some of you may die this day, but you will be remembered by all those who stand and fight with us on this day, warriors live to protect the innocent, but on this day we show no mercy to our enemies, I have heard rumours that we have grown soft, lets prove them wrong, I thank each of our comrades for their service, I want you to go out there and take care of each other" he said. "you all know what the plan is" he added. "are you ready warriors?" he asked. "yes" the soldiers all answered together. "lets see how many we can take t
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PW:TROS chapter 6: Prepare for the war.
It had been two weeks since shield began his training, he was training hard for hours on end. Reaper pulled him a side, "Shield you realise your father is the best commander in this warrior pack, which means eventually you will have to fight him to prove your strength" he said. "I have to fight my own father?" asked shield. "yes, anyway I will leave you to your training, I have some news for the commanders and general Hide" he replied as he headed for the den. "commander fast strike?" reaper asked hesitantly. "Flight, back from scouting?, what news do you bring?" replied Jet. "I'm afraid its bad news, it seems Nero has begun his march northward towards Black ridge" replied reaper. "we are not yet ready for battle, how many wolves live in the black ridge?" asked Jet. "a good fifty or more" answered reaper. "why waste our wolves to save another fifty?, what is a scout like you doing in the war den?" growled General Hide. "sir he was delivering a message" replied jet. "as far as I'm
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Tanari vs Ahadi by PW-TROS Tanari vs Ahadi :iconpw-tros:PW-TROS 4 0 Nero by PW-TROS Nero :iconpw-tros:PW-TROS 2 2 Jaki by PW-TROS Jaki :iconpw-tros:PW-TROS 2 6 Grace by PW-TROS Grace :iconpw-tros:PW-TROS 2 0


TheFallenHero -TwistFate by wafar2798 TheFallenHero -TwistFate :iconwafar2798:wafar2798 804 2,319 Eevee Evolutions Expressions Meme by Willowbranwen Eevee Evolutions Expressions Meme :iconwillowbranwen:Willowbranwen 468 105
My deviantART Story
It all started a few years ago, with a single piece of art. 

I can remember having seen digital art before, but it never really impacted me. The fact that it wasn't real, on paper, and I couldn't touch it, made it somehow distant to me. Yet, for whatever reason, this piece was different to me. I can still remember staring at it from the screen of my computer, not being able to grasp how someone was able to make art that flawless, pretty and beautiful. And how a person was able to express that much emotion with just a few brush strokes. Call me stupid, or naive. But I just couldn't "get" it.
I think it was that piece of art that gave me a reason to try. Or more, a direction that I wanted to go in.
Before that time I was like a clueless wanderer. I've been writing a story for years. But I was basically lost in a maze of what I wanted or what I could do when it came to drawing stuff. My lack of skill and fear of failure g
:icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 430 294
Commission: Full Body Akemi by NARUFRO93 Commission: Full Body Akemi :iconnarufro93:NARUFRO93 10 2 Kakashi Sensei Readin' Something Pervy! by NARUFRO93 Kakashi Sensei Readin' Something Pervy! :iconnarufro93:NARUFRO93 6 0 Kakashi Kill Rin!! (Again) by NARUFRO93 Kakashi Kill Rin!! (Again) :iconnarufro93:NARUFRO93 3 0 Mad Crazy OC's by NARUFRO93 Mad Crazy OC's :iconnarufro93:NARUFRO93 12 5
A taste.of what never was real,seen through blury eyes from the shadows
I saw what i wanted,but not what ever was,it was an illusion that took my breath away
My own distorted view from a distance,tunnel vision,all followed by a bad decision
It resonated sourly on my tongue,what a contradiction from the sweet taste it left on my lips
And as i swallowed,my pride went down the like the rock that was left sitting in my stomach
Heavy is the burden of what we always think we see,as we reach out to hold it tight,it slips through our fingers
It cant be held,the more i cling,the more it slips away like sand
To leave it where it is,right there,to stop carrying the weight of ghosts that should weigh nothing
funny they seem heavy only when i wont let them die and stay dead
I smell the truth on the warm breeze lately,life,connection,slowly the sleeping world is awakening
And with it is a  nostalgic feeling to hold on,but there is nothing to hold onto
As soon as it all began it was all just a m
:iconjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk:jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk 16 8
In Sync And Alive
I saw a reflection,but not of me,there was no mirror
It was a thought,then a feeling,frozen in a moment i was looking into
Gratitude,what an amazing thing it is to be alive,right here,right now
My story is what got me here,even as i went outside the lines,they still all straightened out
I used to use needles to avoid the truth of my actions,allowed them to slowly suck away all of my passion
I would paint smiles on my face with a blood stained paint of illusion
But i could never fool myself,i always knew if i didnt change i would never be more then a dead man walkin
I had soulless eyes syncing in harmony with my death rattle of a heart beat
My thinking was polluted with of visions darkness and rage,i was locked up in my homicidal cage of a mind
No freedom,a hope to die dope fiend waiting for my soul to pass judgement on my spirit
Guilty as charged,i was where the darkness ran to,i couldnt escape myself
I didnt just dance with the devil,i ran him out of hell,it was mine alone,there wasnt
:iconjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk:jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk 17 8
Not So Special
I want to be special,terminally unique and tragically cool
But that in the long run would make me a fool
But im human,just like you,i have risen above,just not above you
We are all connected,its how we keep from being infected
Surviving  life can act as a poison,killing us slowly if we allow it
Its up to us to live it,and keep in perspective,to be alive is a gift
I remember when i felt the shift,it kept me from free falling as i began to slip
Its up to me,i have to do this,if i dont ill never truly live free
But freedom as someone once said is just another word for nothing left to lose
But i have everything to lose as well as everything to gain
It was my mind that i had to learn how to train
It was the key to easing my suffering,ending what felt like a cruel vicious game
A softening of the heart,i allowed you to get near it
As the world whispers i can finally allow myself to hear it
Sit still long enough to listen and not fear it
I pushed myself to the edge and as i peered over
:iconjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk:jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk 18 16
Just Boom
I have put distance and space between me and the rat race
I am so far removed from the strangers who would want to spit in my face
Im somewhere different from the depths of the needle point
No longer drowning in my own life,shit imagine that now im runnin this joint
Im not afraid,my eyes stopped screaming,now from them just tears of joy are streaming
I cant believe it,i am who i say i am,people still tryin to catch up
But like i said before,there aint no catchin me,im like the gingerbread man
Sweet but not soft just human and feeling,and if its fear im in, its only for moment
I dont stay in that place no more,my spirit just dont condone it
And this feeling i have,you just cant clone it,its original
Often imitated but never duplicated,im one of a kind,like mutha fuckin super man
You cant dent steel,but im stronger then that,and its an inside job
I have recovered from being that old dope shootin slob
Im on top of the world,but i aint just standin here
Im seeing it all,but not with double
:iconjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk:jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk 9 7
Tabibito, Shizuka is Ready to Fight! by NARUFRO93 Tabibito, Shizuka is Ready to Fight! :iconnarufro93:NARUFRO93 12 15 Fated Encounter!! by NARUFRO93 Fated Encounter!! :iconnarufro93:NARUFRO93 13 8 Let's get out of here!! by NARUFRO93 Let's get out of here!! :iconnarufro93:NARUFRO93 10 11
Battlefield Film Challenge

If you could turn the tide of Battle, would you?
EA is offering $10,000* in prize money for budding filmmakers in Australia and New Zealand.
To enter, create a two to five minute video inspired by the Battlefield franchise.
Tell your story your way. Live action sequences, animation, Battlefield gameplay - you choose.
Five finalists will be flown to Sydney for a screening event on Friday May 23rd to announce the winner.
Entries due midnight May 12th EST.

Go to for details & to submit your entry.
*terms and conditions apply
© 2014 Electronic Arts Inc. Battlefield, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Frostbite and the DICE logo are trademarks of EA Digital Illusions CE AB. EA and the EA
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 32 73
Snowflake Nils .:Kririban:. by BlueSpiritWolf6 Snowflake Nils .:Kririban:. :iconbluespiritwolf6:BlueSpiritWolf6 106 24



I made a promise...I will keep it no matter how much it hurts, because its the right thing to might tear me apart on the inside but I realize I owe the person I promised so much...He was always there for me, he supported me in everything i did and i wish i could say that i did the same but i feel like i failed to give him the support he deserved, he was special to me and lately i have been a jerk to people close to me, i am lost in a sea of emotion and i have never been able to deal with my emotions in the appropriate way i try to keep them hidden from everyone, everything builds up until i can no longer contain them, i met a person who makes me happy even when it seems impossible. i hope my family and friends can forgive me. this is just the way I am.


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